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“I had the pleasure of meeting and working with David for almost three years at the University of Waterloo, as a personal trainer and instructor. His mobility and general movement expertise made me a better athlete, in all ways.

My passion has been for competitive powerlifting since the start of my university career. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years playing hockey, which left my body with some huge imbalances and mobility problems. I consulted with David, who using the FMS system, identified a number of key issues: poor dorsiflexion, an immobile t-spine, and a left arm with a lot less external rotation than my right due to years of holding a hockey stick.

After meeting with David, he prescribed me a number of mobility and strength drills, and subsequently, over the course of a semester, with a number of follow-ups, I was able to increase my FMS score from 12 to 18. With the increased mobility in my ankles, t-spine, and rotator cuff, I was able to put close to 45 pounds on each of my competition lifts, due to my newly founded advantageous positioning.

I still continue to consult with David as needed, as his knowledge and expertise should be sought after by many. No matter your sport or activity, David can help you be better. Whether it be to improve positioning, or for strategies for rehab/prehab, I owe a lot to this fine gentleman.”

 – Cody Buchenauer (2013), Competitive Raw Powerlifter & Crossfit athlete



“Before David’s performance therapy, I thought I was an average person in terms of flexibility, or good enough to not inhibit exercises. However, during David’s diagnostic tests, I realized how wrong I was and I was severely lacking, failing a lot of the tests.

David had a relaxed look the whole time, and it made me not worry too much about it. He was very patient, explaining all the steps of the procedures, and demonstrating the when I did not understand. He did not use a lot of technical mumbo jumbo that I wouldn’t understand (I just started exercising seriously) and he specifically tailored the exercises for me, even though he was training someone else at the same time.

In a very short amount of time of instruction, the tests were re-evaluated. Like magic, I passed a lot more tests this time. A lot of the pain I experienced before trying to do the stretches was eliminated, and I reached new areas effortlessly.

After that, he taught me exercises I could do by myself to maintain my new abilities and enhance them further in the future. The next time I did squats, I was able to without pain. With a thorough understanding of the human body, David is the man to get for performance therapy.”

-Kevin Hua (2013)


“I experienced a sharp pain running through the back of my neck and head after completing a heavy set of squats. I did another set thinking it was just a minor headache. However, the headache and pain got much worse after my final set and my head was pounding. I tried lying down but it didn’t help.

David was stretching next to me when I sought his expertise. After a brief assessment, he went to the root of my problem, which was my incorrect breathing technique and bad squatting habit. David taught me proper breathing while performing exercise and even when I would be casually walk around.

He also advised on tips to keep in mind when I squat so that I may maintain a neutral spine. Then, he showed me the ‘quadrupled T-rotation’ to help with my breathing technique and upper back spine mobility. I’ve been doing them everyday since and the headache and pain is subsiding. I also went to complete another heavy squat workout days later but with all the tips David gave to me.

My work sets for 20lbs heavier but I did not feel the same magnitude of pain I had felt 2 days prior to my lesson with David. I can honestly say that David has taught me something extremely valuable and I am very grateful to have met him and learned from him.”

– Daniel Lee (2013), World Record Competitive Powerlifter



“David is no ordinary trainer; he does some unbelievable work.  I went into my first session with him ready for a general movement assessment and I honestly thought he wouldn’t find anything wrong with me.  Within the first ten minutes we discovered that I had back pain in certain positions of the overhead squat, and that (as I saw it) I wasn’t flexible enough to touch my toes standing (half a foot off!).

Within five more minutes that pain was gone, and I could touch my toes and hold it there easily.  I know it was a total of 15 minutes because I stared at the clock and wonder what other magic David was going to perform in the remaining three-quarters of our session.

I made an easy front squat PR, a 15lb gain the following day.  I’m pretty sure it was from David’s work, because after that session my hips felt a lot more mobile, and my squat was deeper than I thought possible.

If you enjoy any type of physical training, regardless of whether you think you have any physical movement problems (stability, mobility, whatever), I highly recommend you go to David at least once.  Just try out one of his sessions; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

 Also, if you’re like me and know nothing about movement, you’ll probably be stunned by the results he’ll produce in such a short amount of time.  I HAVE to misuse the word “literally” here and say that David’s work is literally like magic!”

-Steve Weng (2013)


“I have always been interested in new ways of training.  With many years of experience in grappling arts, such as Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling, looking for auxiliary training methods that optimize my performance while improving my strength, have always been a part of my life ever since I started grappling.

 When I realized that I needed some guidance, I contacted David, whom I have always known as a student of martial arts and devoted much of his life to studying Kinesiology.  His ability to break down and explain the intricate works of our bodies, even to a newcomer, can be easily understood.

While his explanations and illustration of movements proved extremely helpful as I thought, what really surprised me was his professional behaviors and his passionate and authentic actions that focused solely towards my improvement.

 His genuine gestures to help me through the arts of movement without any signs of frustration was inspiring to say the least. To this day, I hold him in highest regard and still always consult him whenever I have any weight training related questions.  I can honestly say that asking David Wu for guidance on the subject of strength and movement was one of my best decisions for my training life.   I highly recommend David Wu for your weight lifting related questions or concerns as well whether you are a beginner or an experienced lifter.”

 – Chi Woong Hoh (2012), BJJ enthusiast and Judo brown-belt 


“When I first started with Dave, I had no idea what to do at the gym. I knew that I wanted to get fit, and that I had some free lunch hours. Dave has done an amazing job developing a fitness program that gets me results while working within the constraints of a very busy schedule!

As a working mom with a young family, I wanted something that was effective, something that would fit in a lunch hour, and something that would give me more energy for daily life. Dave’s done all this and more! I’ve been able to start and maintain some really healthy eating habits, I have energy to get out and play with my children, and I feel good.

I really like the functional movement approach – it works in everyday life. I like that I don’t have to figure out how to use machines at the gym. And last, but not least, I like that I can walk into the gym and feel like I know what I’m doing.”

–  Jana (2012-present), mother of 2


“David is NOT a personal trainer… He is a MAGICIAN! No really, he is…
I don’t know anyone else who can increase the performance of an experienced lifter by over 10% in ONE day! That’s exactly what David did for me.
He turned me from someone who just lifts weights, to a COMPLETE all-around athlete with optimal strength, stability, and mobility.
His simple TRICKS on how to train the mind and muscle helped me put on LEAN muscle I’ve never seen.
I don’t know anyone else who is more PASSIONATE about health, fitness and nutrition.
With just three months of David’s help, I look great and FEEL awesome!
The best part was how EASY and FAST it was.
I can only IMAGINE the transformation he can do for others…”

Bilal Haque (2012), Creator of the Fat Loss Cheat

Above: Bilal banging out reps with a 100lb dumbbell


“David Wu is an extremely hardworking young trainer! He will go the extra mile to design workouts tailored specifically to your needs and goals. As a PT, I know that David has the understanding of human movement and function necessary to train clients safely and effectively regardless of limitations or injury history. I would trust David with training services for any post-rehabilitation client or any other type of client for that matter. He “Gets It”! And that is something often not found in personal trainers, especially ones his age. He has a bright future and I look forward to continually learn from his ever growing knowledge.”

 – Dave Leyland (2012), Physiotherapist


Before training with David, I couldn’t even do one chin up, I didn’t know how to do a proper dead-lift or squat and was just trying to imitate other lifters in the weight room. I almost injured my shoulder doing dumbbell bench press. My body fat percentage was over 20. I had difficulties in terms of mobility and stability but had no idea how much these could affect on my workouts!

I was  lucky that when I registered for a trainer and got David. Why?

He’s very passionate and knowledgeable about training, body movement and health & fitness. When I started training with him, his exercises were a bit weird but I soon realized how important they were for me to improve. I learned that the dead-lift and squat are not only about having a good form but also about being able to move properly. He’s changed my whole insight about training.

He’s able to quickly find my deficiencies and program me in such a way to focus on these weaknesses, but never forgetting my goal of getting stronger and more fit. I was soon able to do more than 10 chin ups and 43 push ups. My body fat percentage is now at 14%. I now dead-lift with full confidence as I’m no longer worried about getting hurt.

Most surprisingly, I’ve started to get comments from other people: ”you’re fit”, “you’ve changed a lot”, ‘you’re fast ” and even “you’re hot!”. There’s tons of improvement in my performance playing my favorite sport, soccer.

He once suggested a good book on “How to win friends and Influence people”. This makes me truly believe in David when he says: “I live to help people achieve their goals. Health & fitness are much more than a business for me, it’s about taking back control of your life. “

– Ehsan Seifi (2011-present)

Above: Ehsan went from zero pull-ups to 10 in less than 6 weeks


“After wasting my health benefits on massages, acupuncture and electrode treatment for years to reduce my back pain by minimal amounts – I met David Wu who made a quality assessment on the imbalance in my core. He gave me a simple routine to follow and within 3 weeks I had decreased my pain levels from 80% to 20%. The outcomes were dramatic!

 The poundage on my lifts increased, and I felt a lot more coordinated executing techniques while training BJJ. He has also made a substantial increase in my flexibility by listening to my concerns and giving me the appropriate regiments to follow. My overall changes have allowed me to spend more time training on the mats, waste less time being injured and being more successful in tournament (winning 3 of my last 5 matches).

 David uses terminology that I can understand and does a good job educating me on WHY I am doing something instead of just telling me what to do. He is a good listener and tailors his answers and routines to my best interest. He has a refreshing gregarious approach which makes exercising more fun than business. He has a keen eye for executing lifts and his pointers have made me much more technical of a lifter therefore directly influencing the increase in weights that I have accumulated in a short period of time.

I am more than pleased with my results, David has shown me that I have a lot of untapped potential and look forward to working closely with him in the future and pushing past any plateaus that may arise. Plus he is pretty sexy and he knows it.”

  – Pirashanth “PK” Kesavan (2011), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and competitor



4 responses to “Testimonials

  1. I trained with David through Embodied Energy in Waterloo, ON. His sessions during my 9 week boot camp were enlightening and well planned. David’s perspective on training and how to keep our body functioning how it was designed to has changed my entire overall strength and fitness.
    Thanks David and all the best.

  2. Vladimir Kluev

    I injured my back deadlifting with what I thought was proper form (as my back didn’t round). After the injury I thought it would take months before I could move properly again as I experienced a lot of pain doing any lower body work. Thankfully, David was able to help me out. I swear to god this man is a wizard. He diagnosed my stability problems in fifteen minutes and spent some time working with me to see where I was weak. By the end of the session, I felt like I could move again. He also showed me what actually caused my injury such that I would not do it again. I’m doing the excercises he gave me every day and I feel myself getting more stable.

    You can tell when working with David that he loves what he does, which is why he is so good at it.

    Thanks David, you’re the best.

  3. Jason Chung

    I’ve had a history of low back pain and re-aggravated the injury while lifting recently. As most of us do when we initially run into an injury, I attempted to self-diagnose and came up with a variety of theories. I treated myself based on these with only incremental progress and just couldn’t shake it and could not continue lifting pain-free. Dave and I have been friends for a few years now and I know he has a mastery of movement. When faced with a problem, he’ll work through it and find his way to a solution which is precisely what he did when I approached him. He began by putting me through a full-body assessment and eventually isolated the problem as a motor control issue and the particular posture in which I needed to work on. We worked on a rolling pattern and re-tested my double and single leg toe-touch which I initially felt pain and the result, pain-free movement! He suggested rolling patterns and mobility drills to work on which I’m confident will help clear the issue. Dave’s system of working through a problem and being able to systematically isolate the issue is the product of his passion for movement and the countless hours he puts in continually learning. Look out cause he’s looking to shake things up real soon! Thanks Dave!

  4. Marcus Tocchet

    I approached David for some simple chest/shoulder stretches and he took time to teach me a great mobility exercise. He also taught me how to breathe properly while lifting. These two exercises have really helped me with my strength and flexibility and will continue to practice them as long as I am lifting. Thanks David!

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