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42 Pavel Tsatouline facts you didn’t KNOW!

I was completely captivated when I first learned about Pavel from watching his videos in the mid 2000s.

After days of tirelessly browsing for ways to improve my strength & conditioning for martial arts, I found the RKC. I found it.

Fast forward 8 years later and kettlebell certifications (the good ones at least) started making their way up north to Canada. I’ve finally stuck my foot in the door and got an HKC under Jon Engum. My only hope one day is to rack up resources, train and pass the SFG. Continue reading



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Is your Strength training deliberate?

Waterloo rehab trainer

I was able to get my client Ehsan from zero to three chin-ups in 3 weeks. In the next 3 weeks, he went 3 to 7. Now, we’re working on getting him over 10. (Edit: Ehsan has reached 10 chin-ups! 06/04/2012)

Before this, he’s never done a pull-up in his life.

I’ve gotten a number of inquiries on how we did this in such a short period.

Assisted pull-up machine? Nope. Bands, assistance exercises, ‘roids? No, Nah, definitely not.

Secret Russian Periodization scheme? Kinda, but not really…

Out of all the exercises, people simply have a hard time doing pull-ups. It’s the most “basic” bodyweight move – and without some sort of band/assistance, a bodyweight progression seems miles away.

When it comes down to it, understanding a pull-up is really just understanding some movement and what strength really is…

Strength is a skill Continue reading


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