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Trainers/Therapists, use these (Underrated) Micro-breaks for the chair prone!


Corrective exercise is sexy. It’s awesome that we as coaches/clinicians can have such an impact on individuals through a movement intervention to decrease pain/dysfunction and improve mobility.

But we should NEVER even be there in the first place. Continue reading



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Simple desk-posture combat: Quadruped T Rotation

With desk posture running rampant, the thoracic spine tightens up and causes a host of problems. This is due to its connections and influences on the neck, shoulders, & lumbar spine. The “T-spine” consists of all the vertebre or spinal segments of your ribs. Here’s a simple way to mobilize this portion of the spine: Continue reading

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2 random tips for segmental rolling (no equipment)


(Photo from

It’s been about a year or so since I’ve really understood and started implementing segmental rolling (a la FMS) into corrective strategies for clients. If you don’t know wtf I’m yapping about, click here to learn about rolling. Here’s two random tips for facilitating rolling without much equipment: Continue reading

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How to increase your kicking power by 200% with the kettlebell armbar

Taking a whack at Geoff

Taking a whack at Geoff (Photo by Brian Kotoka)

The picture up-top is me taking a whack at Mr. Girvitz before getting armbar-ed – that is, kettlebell armbar-ed.

A few weeks ago, I finally attended the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (Toronto, Dec. 2). The instruction provided by Jon Engum, Master RKC, was irreplaceable. He took an already established KB foundation and squeezed the dysfunction right out of my Turkish get-up, swing and goblet squat. You’ve never been to a workshop, unless it’s a workshop run by one of Pavel’s boys.

Continue reading


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David Wu Interviewed at


A couple weeks back I did an exclusive interview with Kennet Wale at Performance & Postures. Here we discussed how I came to be known as the Student of Movement and ended up where I am.

Other topics include:

– My “secret” weapon for making change in clients

– My training and life philosophy

– My experience in Dr. Stu McGill’s class at UW

– Correcting the Trunk Stability Push-up in the FMS


====>Interview Here!<====

Yours in movement,

-David Wu

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