Who’s Dave?


  • Broke foot doing Art of Movement, now fascinated by the Science.
  • Would be satisfied with a life reading books, training & teaching, but instead a burnt-out/confused recent college graduate
  • Accused of walking sideways as a baby
  • Shy/introverted, makes every effort not to be. Battling arrogance, seeking simplicity
  • Frequent existential dilemmas and disturbing obsession with Batman and Sherlock Holmes
  • Plans to become Consulting Health Detective  – unsure how

I’m a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo studying kinesiology (“the science of human movement). As a  Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach (HKC) & CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC), I make my grocery money by helping people learn about ways they can help themselves. WARRIORS S&C Club & Rehab 2 Performance (Waterloo) is where you’d find me when I’d not be making an attempt to study.

My Mission?

I’m fed up with health misinformation overload, sick of the current standard of health pro – Let’s change it from inside out. Sprint the talk.


David joins forces with Earth’s Mightiest to take on Health Injustice!

That’s me in a flash. Find out for yourself who I am:

Email: stateofkinesis@gmail.com | Facebook | LinkedIn

Otherwise, check out the interview I did with Performance & Postures

For a list of services, click here.

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10 responses to “Who’s Dave?

  1. Sumanyu

    Good looking!

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  5. Jeffrey C.

    Hi David, I noticed you have the HKC. Very cool! I also live in Toronto and can’t find any upcoming workshops for HKC or RKC from the dragondoor site. Any clue when they will hold another in our city?

  6. Dude, this is awesome! Keep going on, we need more people to move in this world and not get so tangled with fitness/aesthetics/ego. I’m preaching the same thing over at themovementproject.net best of luck

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