Simple desk-posture combat: Quadruped T Rotation

With desk posture running rampant, the thoracic spine tightens up and causes a host of problems. This is due to its connections and influences on the neck, shoulders, & lumbar spine. The “T-spine” consists of all the vertebre or spinal segments of your ribs. Here’s a simple way to mobilize this portion of the spine:

Key points:

  • Assume Quadruped position: Hands under shoulders, knees under hips
  • Place hand behind neck
  • Lift up elbow, Press firmly through down hand
  • Look at armpit, turn body and look up
  • Breathe IN as you extension and rotate. Cycle for one breath at end range. Perform 5-10 reps

Like any other t-spine mobilization, cuing is vital. Too many coaches just rush through the exercise. Do this slow, controlled and in steps to ensure proper focus on tight areas.

1000 T-spine mobs out there, why this one?

Categorized by Rose’s 4×4 matrix, this move is 2×2 or Quadruped unassisted. Use this as a progression from side-lying mobs like the rib grab. Drop down to the elbow for a regression.

The simplicity of the move allows it to be taught quickly and in groups and doesn’t require equipment. Use it right after quadruped exercises (push-up/birddog etc.) to stay in the same position.

Watch for jerkiness of movement and lateral shift of the hips (correct this by placing your shin to block the shift or use RNT to push them into the shift).


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