WHY you suck at your New Year’s resolution

Here’s an article I wrote on the WARRIORS S&C club blog on the difficulties of keeping your New Year’s resolution and goal setting/keeping in general.

I go over some tough topics of introspection that will not only help you out, but your clients too if u are a trainer. Enjoy -DW

The first week of CIF gym stats (daily # people in the gym) runs like this:

85, 80,50, 65, 80 … (Mon-Fri)

Second week’s not bad either. By the third week, we give it one more go:

86, 78,53, 65, 75

And by the fourth week, numbers drop to where I’m happy to finally see free squat racks:

50, 44, 38, 42, 58

Why are we such a pile of suck when it comes to staying on track and getting to the gym?

>>Read More here<<

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