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Pavel: “Safety and Performance are not at odds”

“The same technique we use to protect your shoulder, back, knees are used to make you stronger … Spread the load throughout your body – because when you get hurt, it’s a weak link that tears”

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Trainers/Therapists, use these (Underrated) Micro-breaks for the chair prone!


Corrective exercise is sexy. It’s awesome that we as coaches/clinicians can have such an impact on individuals through a movement intervention to decrease pain/dysfunction and improve mobility.

But we should NEVER even be there in the first place. Continue reading


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Simple desk-posture combat: Quadruped T Rotation

With desk posture running rampant, the thoracic spine tightens up and causes a host of problems. This is due to its connections and influences on the neck, shoulders, & lumbar spine. The “T-spine” consists of all the vertebre or spinal segments of your ribs. Here’s a simple way to mobilize this portion of the spine: Continue reading

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Which Way Do You Swing?

A look into 3 different styles of kettlebell swings

This is a updated/edited re-post of an article from many moons ago when I had my first attempt at blogging. The topic came up the other day during R2P(Waterloo). Enjoy -Wu

With so many versions of the kettlebell swing floating around, let’s shed some light into some of the advantages and differences.

‘Crossfit’ American kettlebell Swing

Defining features:

  • Overhead swing
  • More knee bend & drive (quads), knee dominant
  • Upward projection of the kettlebell, “vertical” force Continue reading

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42 Pavel Tsatouline facts you didn’t KNOW!

I was completely captivated when I first learned about Pavel from watching his videos in the mid 2000s.

After days of tirelessly browsing for ways to improve my strength & conditioning for martial arts, I found the RKC. I found it.

Fast forward 8 years later and kettlebell certifications (the good ones at least) started making their way up north to Canada. I’ve finally stuck my foot in the door and got an HKC under Jon Engum. My only hope one day is to rack up resources, train and pass the SFG. Continue reading


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WHY you suck at your New Year’s resolution

Here’s an article I wrote on the WARRIORS S&C club blog on the difficulties of keeping your New Year’s resolution and goal setting/keeping in general.

I go over some tough topics of introspection that will not only help you out, but your clients too if u are a trainer. Enjoy -DW

The first week of CIF gym stats (daily # people in the gym) runs like this:

85, 80,50, 65, 80 … (Mon-Fri)

Second week’s not bad either. By the third week, we give it one more go:

86, 78,53, 65, 75

And by the fourth week, numbers drop to where I’m happy to finally see free squat racks: Continue reading

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